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Is Verizon Releasing iPhone 4 November 9: Questions Asked?

November 7, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Is Verizon Releasing iPhone 4 November 9: Questions Asked?

There has been much hype surrounding the Verizon iPhone 4 and when it will be released. Indications show that instead of January 2011 being the launch date we may see it a lot sooner, in fact November 9. So what are we expected to make of this news?

According to USA News Week, if this is to be believed, this makes it a matter of days. Verizon insider have commented that an “Iconic Device” will be launched on this date. On saying this, no subsequent invitations or announcements have been made of an Apple event so, if true, is this being kept a closely guarded secret? Are we presuming too much at this stage that it will even be the Verizon iPhone 4, a handset which is keeping everybody talking. USA News Week has reported that leaked internal news from Verizon is indicating that customer service personnel within the company have been sent out “training notices” stating that an “iconic device” can be pre-ordered from this date. Within the notice, it also said that the device will reach high demand and that training will be given to staff in order to deal with the number of pre-orders.

At this stage we can only wait until November 9 to see what happens. Will Apple release it in January as first thought, therefore giving Verizon a head start in selling its Droid? Or will the iPhone 4 arrive before then?

What are your thoughts on this news? Are you waiting for the Verizon iPhone 4 to be launched? Let us know. Head on over to USA News Week for more information.

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  1. curtis says:

    Curtis says…..doesn't look as sleek as the one's att has

  2. pbfirechic says:

    I can not wait until they release the verizion iPhone. I have been a customer of verizon for 5 years and I don't want to go to AT&T. I'm so exicted to heard this news.!! I hope it is true.

  3. H.Flanders says:

    Everybody keeps thinking it is the same iphone that AT&T has. It isnt. Apple/Verizon are about to announce a phone made just for Verizon. It is shaped like a candy bar. It is not the same iphone. It is a long rectangle looking thing. I can't say any more.

    • David says:

      have you seen the Verizon iphone?

    • Bryan says:

      ok you can not say something like that and not say how you know this. I mean you must know that it is coming then and can confirm the rumor. So you must also know more than we know. Please share! I am dying for Tuesday to come so I can figure out what the "Iconic Device" is!

  4. Jamie says:

    I have been with Verizon for a long time now and thought about switching to AT&T a bunch of times now because I want a iPhone so bad. I never did because I always heard how bad the service was and I really don’t have many problems with Verizon. So I can’t wait for this to happen

  5. H.Flanders says:

    The Carrier is not 100%. We assume it to be Verizon but could be Sprint or TMobile. It is a long thin rectangle block, like a chocolate bar. It has 2 radios for world use. Not the most attractive looking device but it is branded iphone.

  6. chark says:

    Can't be about the iPhone because no training is required. Everyone (including 2 year olds) knows how to use them.

  7. wwwbrowser says:

    This has already been reported and debunked on numerous other websites. The Iconic Device being released on Nov 9 is the Motorola Droid Pro, not the iPhone.

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