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iPad iOS 4.2 Update: Keeping developers on side

November 6, 2021 | Tim Ollason

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iPad iOS 4.2 Update: Keeping developers on side

About time or what? Finally Apple is releasing a new update for the iPad! But… is this enough to keep the developers interested and on side? We have already brought you the Gold Master iPad iOS 4.2 update previously but there is still the unknown question of when this will be being released.

The fact that the iPad has barely had an update since it was released when you consider how many updates have come through to the various models of iPhone, so the question I am asking is why? Is there unrest with the developers?

Head across to bnet to read the full article by Erik Sherman around the unrest with developers and Apple’s plans for world domination. Erik mentions a little bit about each of the platforms including Android and Microsoft and how Android continue to take the spotlight from Apple. Erik also mentions that he feels Microsoft’s new mobile platform is gaining at least the same amount of attention as the iPad. Do you agree?

So what features would you expect to see in the update? Perhaps multi tasking, improved enterprise features and improved email would go down well. Is there anything you feel is missing from the iPad? Something that you think would turn this device from good to great? Let us know in the comments below.

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