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Yahoo Survey Says Yes To “Prop 19″

November 5, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Yahoo Survey Says Yes To “Prop 19″

For some time now, the debate over legalising the drug “marijuana” has been a sore subject. Some people would argue over the fact that it is still classed as a drug and therefore the selling and taking of it should be classed as an illegal substance. But others would argue that in some circumstances, the drug can be used to help medical problems. In a recent survey on Tuesday, “Prop 19”, California’s bid to legalize marijuana lost the polls result.

The overall result showed that 53.9% of voters said, “No”, they were against legalising the drug. It seems that the results may have appeared differently if people had been given the option to vote online, in fact 55% would have passed Prop 19. According to Jolie O’Dell at Mashable, Yahoo one of the biggest online search engines, decided to gather their very own data to find out what the response would be. From an online survey named, “Ask America” more than 8 million people responded. In relation to Prop 19, 133,000 votes online talked about whether marijuana should be legalised. Results indicated that a higher number of people would want to see it changed.

As well as this debate, Yahoo looked at other results including Arizona’s immigration laws and America’s healthcare laws. To find out the results on these plus more, head on over to Mashable.

Have you got your own opinions on whether marijuana should be made legal? Did you take part in Yahoo’s survey? Let us know.

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  1. justin says:

    it should be legal

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