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Verizon iPhone: Survey shows demand is high

November 5, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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Verizon iPhone: Survey shows demand is high

We’ve been posting articles about a Verizon iPhone for some time, and just recently wrote of Apple investors’ shares potentially rising with a Verizon iPhone release and also how a Verizon iPhone announcement appears to be just a matter of time. We know how many people are waiting for a Verizon iPhone but how high is the demand?

Ben Parr over on Mashable reports on a survey of Mashable readers and the results are now complete and show that demand is extremely high. Of course it should be remembered that this poll is from Mashable readers only but it did gather over 10,000 votes so gives a good indication of just how many people want a Verizon iPhone.

It appears that 58.40% of you will get an iPhone if it eventually comes to the Big Red. From that amount 36.58% were currently using other phones on Verizon while another 17.33% were AT&T customers who would switch carriers. 20% of respondents said they didn’t want an iPhone at all and 16% said they would stay with AT&T.

For more on this go to One thing this survey certainly shows is that when the Verizon iPhone eventually arrives it’s going to be in great demand. What are your thoughts on this? Why not send us a comment to let us know.

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