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Massive Facebook group back Wagner to win X Factor

November 5, 2021 | Matt Tran

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Massive Facebook group back Wagner to win X Factor

A huge army of X Factor fans have joined up to the new Facebook group: Wagner to win X Factor. The group that is supporting the Brazilian oddball currently has 13,000 fans and counting.

For those people who watch ITV’s insanely popular show we all know that Wagner is by far not the best singer in the competition. However he is a great entertainer and seems to have a very jolly and upbeat personality. But you cant help wondering who his typical voter is? A lot of people are saying that the people that are funding his X Factor stay are in fact people who hate the X Factor.

Last Christmas we saw rock band Rage Against The Machine knock the traditional X Factor number 1 Christmas song off the top of the chart. Poor little Joe Mcelderry’s the climb missed out on a place at the top of the chart at the expense of killing in the name. Rage Against The Machine were having their single downloaded and bought by millions, who where sick and tired of seeing the X Factor dominate the charts and it looks to be a similar story this year.

Wagner has in fact already been sent home from the competition, only to be recalled as a wild card. He is backed every week to be eliminated but manages to proceed to the next round to a chorus of boos from the audience. Wagner Carrilho is currently 25/1 to win the contest with the favorites being Matt Cardle and boy band One Direction. According to The Daily Mail a $0.99 iPhone app called Pocket Wagner has even been created.

If you are in the spotlight and want to improve your likability then hop onto Twitter. Wagner and fellow contestant Mary Byrne both have, lets see if it helps them. What do you think about Wagner and his chances of winning the competition? Are you you tired of seeing Simon Cowell manipulate the music we listen to? Feel free to leave all of your opinions in the comments.

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  1. Rick says:

    Surely the reason people are voting for Wagner is because very many of the shows fans are still angry that Gamu Nhengu was not put through to the finals and suspect that there was some kind of foul play involved, either because of her visa situation or because Cheryl Cole did not want tough competition for her protege, Cher Lloyd?

  2. Mandragora says:

    Good one, Rick! Didn't think of it that way. Hope Cher goes home!!! She should have gone yesterday, Paije is so much more likeable. (I'm already assuming that Wagner is here to stay, and he is right, he's so beneficial to the X Factor - the amount of money people are spending in keeping him there! I like him :)

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