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Dell Inspiron Duo Tablet/QWERTY Keyboard: VIDEO

Dell Inspiron Duo Tablet/QWERTY Keyboard: VIDEO

With an ever increasing number of tablet devices making their way to retail stores, for consumers, difficult decisions have to made as to what tablet is the one for you. Up until now, the Apple iPad seems to be the number one choice although competition is fierce with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab being released along with others. But now Dell, will be launching their very own offering with a twist towards the end of this year.

According to Stan Schroeder at Mashable, the Dell Inspiron Duo tablet will give users something else to look forward to. Not only will they be releasing a new tablet but one with a QWERTY keyboard incorporated into it. Details at this stage are a little sketchy but we have managed to get snippets of information that might help you to reconsider your options.

The keyboard seems to work on the basis of the touch screen being on the outside on closing the Duo’s flip lid. If flipped open, you will be presented with a neat looking netbook, as well as JBL speaker dock. Not only will this new concept act as a tablet but a netbook and entertainment system.

What are your thoughts on Dell’s latest Inspiron Duo tablet? Will you be swayed into a tablet that isn’t an iPad or Galaxy? Let us know. To find out more along with a taster video, log onto Mashable.

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  1. mike says:

    This is a great idea by Dell. The tablet world is now looking for what else is out there besides an ipad. I like the ipad but it still is not able to do the things that I want to do with a all in one mobile computing device. I think that the Duo will better fit the bill of fun entertainment touch pad and functional working computer. The think that I keep in mind is this; No matter how many apps are created for the ipad, it will never compare to the number of programs written for windows. Granted you may not be able to use touch function with all of them but then you have a keyboard and mouse to use. I really think that this product will fill the need to many people like myself that want more out mobile computing.

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