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Kinect For Xbox 360 Review: Future Gaming Is Here

November 4, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Kinect For Xbox 360 Review: Future Gaming Is Here

Some may remember back in the day, when a home computer console meant a large PC with a tape deck drive to load your games, I realise that there are a few saying tape deck? Obviously technology has moved on massively since then, firstly games consoles got smaller and faster with ever increasing graphics and game play.

Next we moved from normal wired controllers to wireless, Sony stepped up the game with EyeToy allowing players to control game-play via a camera. Nintendo refined this system with the introduction of Wii, to which Sony retaliated with PS Move.

Now Microsoft has taken gaming to an all new level with its Kinect system for the Xbox 360. Kinect uses its sensor to monitor the players movements without the need of any handheld devices.

At the moment most of the 17 title games released only touch on the systems flexibility, being aimed more at casual users or party entertainment. Hardcore gaming fans have to wait until the system offers something a bit more challenging.

Of the games available Mercury News rate, “Dance Central” by Harmonix as one of the best. It teaches players dance routines, with choreographing accompanied by popular dance music. Although we have seen this style of game before, Kinect takes it to the next level by tracking every little movement carried out by the player. The better the move the higher the points, if you have no rhythm you will enjoy trying to better your last score.

Along with the excitement of a new form of game-play comes it’s downsides, Kinect needs between six and ten feet of space in front of of the player, which could mean adjusting your living room to suit. Other than that there are reports of a few quirks that need ironing out, but we are sure Microsoft will be straight on to it. For now just sit back and enjoy the next evolution of home entertainment. Have you got your Xbox 360 Kinect yet? Tell us what your first impressions are.

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