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AT&T mocked by T-Mobile’s latest My Touch 4G Ad

November 4, 2021 | Matt Tran

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AT&T mocked by T-Mobile’s latest My Touch 4G Ad

In times like these the mobile market is absolutely cut throat and when promoting your latest product you also have to point fun at your competitors products.

Well once again a funny controversial TV advert has been brought out courtesy of T-Mobile due to their My Touch 4G promotion. Not only do we find out that yes.. it has 4G, we also see the iPhone 4 take a bit of a beating because of its relationship with unpopular network provider AT&T and the fact that the company is literally a monkey on its back. We have embedded the video below for you to take a look at with thanks to Mashable.

As you can see AT&T is being depicted as a heavy sad looking guy which is weighing his more reluctant iPhone 4 playing friend down. T-Mobile is of course portrayed as a slim attractive lady with wit and charm. Just to add another cheap shot to their rivals, T-Mobile make sure they state that Apple’s feature FaceTime “REQUIRES WI-FI”.

What do you make of the TV ad, is it in general a good way of promoting your devices? Or is it just a bitchy personal attack on your rivals? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. LJ Park says:

    I think it gives AT&T a good run for their the service they are providing. The iphone was first really attractive because it was the first of its kind. Now that T-Mobile and other networks have released similar phones

  2. toby says:

    I saw the ad more as making fun of Apple and the old Mac / PC commercials.

    If it was good enough for Apple to mock PC's why would it be "bitchy" or a "cheap shot" for T-Mobile to use the same tactic?

  3. maxi says:

    you do not do that do not hate on the iphone 4 cause u know its way better and 4g isnt 4g is just 3g with a new name……..nobody beats apple and this ad sucks

    • Pex says:

      Dude, I have been a T Mobile Subscriber for 7 years and just got the new My Touch 4G yesterday. Keep in mind I have a brand new iMac 21.5 (Upper, $1499 model) and love it. I Also have had and still have a 3rd Gen Apple iPod touch. Great device. Love it. LET ME BE CLEAR AND THIS IS NOT BIASED - APPLE MAKES MUCH BETTER PRODUCTS THAN ANYONE ELSE! AT&T may be the problem, not Apple at all. The seemless sync with itunes and the Safari Web browser with the ability to very easily sync your bookmarks blows the My Touch garbage browser away. I have 13 more days and I may keep the phone. Who knows. I had an issue with AT&T years ago with a bill "someone" ran up on me and it was like $1000. I can't see paying that just to get the phone. So I stick with T Mobile. The Navigation on the My Touch is unreal, that I must say. It is a sturdy device, like iPhone. It has some great features and the HPSA+ network is fast. But Apple is smoother and just seemless. Android has come far but NOT NOT NOT Apple.

  4. MonkSta says:

    lol apple fan boy

  5. dan says:

    3g and 4g reffers to the networks internet speed… 3g is ( 7.2mbps)
    t-mobiles 4g is (21mbps)

    4g is 3X faster than 3g

  6. jguy says:

    When Apple pokes fun at all Microsoft users being nerds "I'm a PC" it's clever. When someone dares to poke fun at Apple - it's a cheap shot. That's rather one sided don't you think.

    This is effective advertising.

  7. Tish says:

    I have an iphone 4, had the 3gs and I love them except you can't use flash.. that is a huge drawback! I am thinking of getting the my touch 4g..

  8. simon says:

    i just bought a tmobile mytouch 4g and i unlocked to use it with att but i found that i can not pick up the 3g from att just edge does anybody knows how to be able to use this tmobile phone with att and be able to pick up the 3g network from att?

    • jerry says:

      dude, TM 3G frequency differs from ATT, it runs on 1700, while att runs on 950/1900. You're connecting on att's GSM ONLY!!!

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