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Activision repeatedly pulling down leaked Youtube Zombie videos

November 4, 2021 | Matt Tran

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Activision repeatedly pulling down leaked Youtube Zombie videos

With less than a week to go until Black Ops is finally launched you would think that after 2 years of hard work, games developers Activision and Treyarch would be lying back with their feet up. This is not the case as they have had a busy week, removing illegally leaked videos of the new Zombie Mode.

A series of different websites have obtained legit footage of gameplay and cut scenes from the game which have spread across the internet like wildfire. Activision has managed to intervene and kill the original Youtube videos which subsequently removes all other embedded videos.

By this time however it is probably too late as when something that big hits the news it will circulate around the globe in a matter of minutes. It is not confirmed how the videos were obtained although it is very likely people have illegally got their hands on a copy of the game early. It is in a way bittersweet as the leaked content has slightly ruined the game for some who where waiting and could not resist.

It must be said that Treyarch has been far too secretive with their new zombies such as the Halloween trailer let down and as a result people have resorted to watching this. If you would like to see some of the leaked footage, you can as the video is not from Youtube. Follow the link to Kotaku; however be warned that the page contains massive SPOILERS!

What is your view on the leaked zombie videos going around? Leave us your comments on what you think of the footage and if it has changed your mind in any way about buying the game.

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  1. Mind Bleach says:

    Bittersweet? Au contraire Matt, the information may be hard to find, but that makes it all the more inviting. A very clever marketing coup methinks. Also we find there's more zombie content than hoped/expected (from previous form) so talk is rife.
    See you all at midnight!

  2. Anthony t says:

    Treyarch deserves all this illegal publicity, I mean that is what they get for not releasing an official trailor. Talk about dissapointing millions of fans that had to resort to watching these films. Me included, in the beginning they were denialists then secretive, and now ignorant; maybe this is part of their marketing campaign, if it is it sucks!

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