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Verizon iPhone: Investors Shares Rising

November 3, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Verizon iPhone: Investors Shares Rising

Investors in Apple, will be glad to hear of the rise in shares through the first three quarters of the U.S. Smartphone market. This fact was reported by Jamie at PR News recently.

Not only that, but figures from Canalys suggest that with the Verizon iPhone release these shares could increase. Analysts stated that Apple had enjoyed a 23.8% slice of the U.S. Market, but with the Verizon input that figure could rise to 35%.

In 2011, this 35% share equals sales of around 30 million which happen to be 144% higher than Apple had predicted for 2010. With this sort of potential the impact on Android’s expansion should cause some tension.

When the iPhone sold through three carriers in 2009 instead of just the one, it’s sales figures trebled across the French and UK markets. So with this in mind, investors should be strongly advised to take on shares for when the Verizon iPhone is released in 2011.

Are you an investor or does this information push you in the direction of buying into the smartphone market? Let us know. Head on over to PR News for more information.

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