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Blekko Search Engine: Solid Alternative to Google and Bing

November 2, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Blekko Search Engine: Solid Alternative to Google and Bing

In a bid to become the number one search engine on the internet, a new concept has arrived in the shape of “” Fighting off stiff competition against the likes of already present Google and Bing, the new search engine is hoped to give it’s users something a little more unique.

In a tech world that is mainly dominated by Google users, it’s no surprise that this latest idea is come up against early criticism. John Dvorak at has recently reported on this. He wanted to test out the new search engine to potentially rid all the scepticism. Firstly he started off by searching for himself so he could see what appeared and in what order. Sure enough, when the results came up, Blekko nailed it, it highlighted links to his own blog address, his short bio, wiki entry, PCMag, Mevio, Marketwatch, NoAgendashow and other sites. The only other search engine to give his correct information is Google. As well as passing this first test, PCMag have reported on various other sublinks that Google currently do not offer.

Sub links offered include a link title to tag, seo, links, cache, ip, chatter and spam. For instance, to tag, would help registered users of the current system to add those all important tags that relate to the site. This could work in the users favour but the new feature could also be setting itself up to be potentially abused. Cache is useful if the site goes down, Google are already running with this feature. For those of you who like the involvement of telling others what you’re doing at any one time on a specific site, can now use the Chatter feature which can be compared to that of Twitter. As well as these specific sub links, there are other tools to benefit from including dup and RSS feed.

John at PCMag. Com has tried and tested out the new Blekko with some harmonious results. As he said, its the best out-of-the-chute new engine he’s seen in the last 10 years. It appears to be a solid alternative to the current Google and Bing.

Will you consider using another search engine such as Blekko? Let us know. Head on over to for more details.

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