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Halloween Google Doodle Celebrates Scooby Doo

October 31, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Halloween Google Doodle Celebrates Scooby Doo

In the past search engine Google has celebrated yearly events with special Google Doodles, this year being no exception. It’s Halloween and this time round, instead of concentrating on just one unique design, there are five to choose from.

Peter Chubb at PR News has reported that the theme this year is based around the iconic cartoon Scooby Doo. For some of us that can remember the early days of Scooby Doo, Fred, Velma, Daphne and Shaggy will remember the spooky content that each one included. PR News has spoken of five doodles each telling a different story, from one where a ghost is scaring two children and taking their goodies, to the other four which shows Scooby Doo and the others in their Mystery Machine Van trying to solve a mystery.

Have you seen the new Google Doodles? Are you an avid fan of Scooby Doo? Let us know what you are doing for this Halloween? Check out PR News for some pumpkin carving ideas.

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