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PlayStation Phone (Zeus): BlackBerry Similarities

PlayStation Phone (Zeus): BlackBerry Similarities

So how many of you were sat there with your original PSP and your mobile phone next to each other thinking… I wish I didn’t have to carry both of these around, or, wow that would be cool if you could make phone calls on your PSP.

Recently we reported some news to you surrounding the new PlayStation Phone that is being developed by Sony Ericsson and its code name Zeus. According to Joshua Toposky at Engadget the details of the PlayStation Phone are correct and he has also released a few more!

The device is said to have an 8GB microSD card slot, and is believed to be around 17mm thick, making this quiet a hefty device. It looks to have the size of the PSPgo but the design of the Blackberry Torch. So is this a new direction for Sony Ericsson? Will new Sony Ericsson mobiles that are released in the future start to look a bit sleeker? I urge you to head on over to Engadget and have a look at all of the photos that they have in their exclusive gallery.

Now onto the current market and competitors. Is there a device on the market that can compete with the spec of Zeus? Personally I don’t see this breaking onto the scene and then taking over, but that being said, hats off to Sony for trying to come up with something new, something that could have marketability in an already crowded world.

Do you think that a phone like this could work in an already extremely competitive market? Is this perhaps a few years too late? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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