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Microsoft Acquires Canesta: Specialists In 3D Movement & Gestures

Microsoft Acquires Canesta: Specialists In 3D Movement & Gestures

Microsoft, giants of the tech world has now taken on “Canesta”, a semiconductor company which was originally set up in 1999. The company manufacturers CMOS based single chip 3D sensors responsible for detecting 3D movement and gestures. In turn, the chips can then be placed into devices from Windows 8 motion controls to the Xbox Kinect motion-sensing device.

When Ben Parr at Mashable reported on this, the NUI system uses human gestures rather than the standard mouse or keyboard for interaction with it’s programme. Back in 2002, the popular film “Minority Report” brought the NUI system into mainstream culture. Along the way, funding has been made available for Canesta from the likes of investors such as Carlyle Venture Partners, Venrock and Honda, of which is looking to use this latest technology to help give it’s cars the detection to avoid obstacles.

With the Microsoft Xbox Kinect being released in the next week, what we can be assured of, is that the 3D sensing technology currently being used by competitors such as PrimeSense, is sure to pave the way for things to come.

Give us your thoughts on Microsoft’s acquisition? To find out more on this log onto Mashable.

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