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Foursquare Super Duper And Epic Swarm Badges: Details

October 30, 2021 | Tim Ollason


Foursquare Super Duper And Epic Swarm Badges: Details

It seems that Foursquare is growing quickly and when you look at some badges, it gives you a representation of its growth. It looks like the 250 person Super Swarm badge is a frequent badge to be awarded as more and more people are joining up to Foursquare.

As of today, when 500 or more people check in at the same location they will be awarded a new badge, this is the Super Duper Swarm Badge, but it seems that Foursquare have planned ahead of this badge as they have also introduced the Epic Swarm badge. The Epic Swarm badge is awarded when there are 1,000 users in attendance and checked in.

I can think of some different types of events where this may be happening, in my opinion they would be Football games, Ice hockey matches and of course when you pay a visit to the Baseball stadium to watch your team! This has made company CEO Dennis Crawley think that they need even bigger badges as he said “They are unlocked on a regular basis — baseball games, concerts etc. So we needed bigger.”

Head on over to Mashable to read up on the full article.

Are you a regular user of Foursquare? Have you achieved these new badges? Let us know in your comments below

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  1. rob says:

    it’s a good thing too since the rally to restore sanity had over 26,000 checkins

  2. Ken says:

    I got the epic swarm and super duper swarm badges at the Halloween Village Parade in NYC

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