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YouTube Charlie Chaplin Viral Video With Time Traveler On Board

YouTube Charlie Chaplin Viral Video With Time Traveler On Board

For fans of English comic actor and film director of the silent era “Charlie Chaplin”, there is no bigger fan then that of current Irish film maker George Clarke. In the next few days Halloween will be upon us and news of a YouTube viral video featuring Chaplin and a possible time traveler has come to our attention.

I have to say on watching the video along with George Clarke I cannot give any explanation to this mysterious piece of footage. On viewing the black and white video from 1928 it shows the premiere of Chaplins “The Circus.” Brenda at Mashable reported that, included in the footage is what seems to be lady quite happily walking on by The Grauman’s Chinese Theatre talking into a mobile phone. The lady is definitely gripping what appears to be a handset. Could this be a time-traveler?

Feast your eyes on the video and tell us what you think? Can you come up with another explanation? Let us know. To check out more on this log onto Mashable.

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  1. jennycochise says:

    That's my grandad, Albert. He was a psychic cross-dresser who could see into the future & knew what a stir this would cause 80 years on. Apparently, in his last will & testament he wrote : '' I tried, but failed, to make it in 1920s Hollywood so this was my only hope of my five minutes of fame, love..''
    Love you Gramps! Good to see you again, dear, but was black your most flattering colour ??

  2. padraig says:

    could it not be some old woman slightly daft speaking to her hairbrush, why the clobber if shes travelling..does not add up

  3. n00neimp0rtant says:

    Did it ever cross your mind that someone back then might think "Hey, I should pretend to be using a WIRELESS TELEPHONE, so people in the future that actually have them will be stumped!"

  4. Hughster says:

    No different to "Michael Jackson's ghost caught on camera at Neverland". They didn't have mobiles in the 20s, and if it's a time traveller from the future, what makes you think they'd still need to hold large objects to their heads in order to talk to people? She's more than likely just holding her hat. Some people apparently have far too little work to do…

  5. jane says:

    hey why not get someone who can lip read to see what she's saying?!

  6. No visible wind…to justify holding a hat….very casualy talking wow…very cool stuff!

  7. pamela loughrey says:

    sent this clip to my son for his opinion here is reply which makes sense

    Heath Parker commented on your link. Heath wrote"two time travellers the bloke in the dress aint talking to himself so there must be at least two and its not a mobile phone because he would have no network coverage in 1924 walkie talkie maybe unless hes talking to the mothership then he aint a time traveller hes an alien!!!!!!!!"

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