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Yahoo Releases Zombie Social Game For Halloween

October 28, 2021 | Maddy Rowe
Yahoo Releases Zombie Social Game For Halloween

Yahoo one of the biggest search engines, has now just released a new social and educational zombie game in time for Halloween. The game “Shambling Hordes” has been officially developed by Yahoo Labs in the hope that as well as enjoying the awesome zombies, the game will help it’s users in an educational way, giving basic principles of game theory, advanced calculations, economics and allocating of budgets.

According to Jolie O’Dell at Mashable, the game works when two players become warlords leading a “shambling horde” of zombies in different countries. In a quest to reach and catch one another’s headquarters, they have to fight each other in battles, with each horde split into teams of three. A warlord will win if the zombies within the group win at least two or three battles at a certain location, you will then be told you are the “zombie master.” Although the game can be played by anyone even the inexperienced gamer, Mashable has reported that the new concept will also challenge you with certain strategies.

If you are looking to play shambling hordes, then expect to be enticed for at least 15 minutes dependant on what map you decide to take and how many battles you participate in. Yahoo have commented on their latest game by saying that it is, “Grounded in some classical economics and game theory that should be familiar to anyone who’s had a finite amount of anything (budget, advertising dollars, even candy) that they had to spread around in a competitive environment.”

What do you think of this latest game of skill and strategy? Is it something you will be playing this Halloween? Let us know. Check out Mashable for more information.

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