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Do Your Shopping With iPhone Barcode App

October 27, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Do Your Shopping With iPhone Barcode App

Gone are the days of your corner shop convenience store with your friendly shopkeeper. Now our shopping experience is visiting our local supermarket, battling it out with other shoppers and their uncontrollable trollies, to then queue up after choosing one of about 30 checkouts. But is that all about to change with AisleBuyer?

The online retailing market is stated to exceed $27 billion worth of business. With shoppers’ paradise days on Black Friday and Cyber Monday in November, users can get the best out of their shopping experiences by researching products and checking them out online. With consumers familiar with the online shopping experience, AisleBuyer plans to make the in-store option just as simple. A new iPhone app will allow customers to swipe their items barcode, which will not only allow them to see the products information, but any reviews and coupons available. It will just be a simple case of adding to their shopping cart before proceeding to the check out to click out.

According to Sarah Kessler at Mashable, this latest concept was tested out back in the summer in a small chain of baby stores. The retailer noticed that they were not losing customers to long checkout queues, which in turn freed them up to give a more personable approach to answering customer questions. Another benefit found to having the app, is that stores can send text messages to customers incorporating their current offers, therefore it saves time and money in printing sales material.

One of the drawbacks I can see is the potential for some people to mistreat the system by increased theft.

To read about this in more depth check out Mashable. Will you be swapping your online shop and returning to your store? Let us know.

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