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Social Media Mourns Death Of “Paul the World-Cup Predicting Octopus”

Social Media Mourns Death Of “Paul the World-Cup Predicting Octopus”

This year we tuned into the 19th World Cup 2010 which took place in South Africa from 11 June through to 11 July. Predictions were made throughout the cup as to who would be the final two teams playing for the coveted gold Fifa trophy. In the end Spain were crowned the winners. But during the World Cup millions of us were in awe of “Paul the Octopus” who managed to predict the winner of Germany‘s seven matches as well as the final result. Today we mourn the death of the mysterious creature.

News came through that Paul as he was named, died peacefully from natural causes in the Sea Life Center aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany. At the time of the World Cup, as Samuel at Mashable reported, Paul became a famous name on social networking sites such as Twitter and he had his very own iPhone app. News and entertainment platform “Buzzfeed” has now dedicated their very own tributes.

The octopus achieved fame when aquarium staff noticed that when placing two boxes in the water containing food such as mussel and a flag representing the two teams who were due to play in the next game, Paul would swim to one of the boxes. It seemed that every time he swam to a particular box that team would win their match.

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