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Microsoft Announce New Office 2011 For Mac With Outlook

Microsoft Announce New Office 2011 For Mac With Outlook

We reported a few weeks ago, on the forthcoming release of the new Office for Mac 2011. Today’s news has confirmed that it is now with us. An announcement came through that the official release has happened bringing some fantastic new features including a new version of Outlook for Mac OS X.

Although the consumer market for PC’s is mainly dominated by Apple, there are still customers out there who prefer to use the Mac platform, which is why the new Microsoft Office for Windows has been patiently awaited. General Manager of Microsoft Office for Mac “Eric Wilfrid” has said, “As someone who works at Microsoft and deals with Apple often, I acknowledge that our companies compete. Some people choose Windows, and some people choose Mac. That conflict tends to get a lot of attention, but I deal in the reality that there are customers who love their Macs and also love using Office.”

AppleInsider has reported that Mac users will get the full benefit of updated versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Office 356 cloud service. The new Office 2011 for Mac will be available in 13 languages, and by next month will be accessible in 45 countries.

Will you be upgrading to the new Office 2011 for Mac? What new features have swayed you into making a decision? Let us know. Log onto AppleInsider for more details.

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