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Buy Your Brand New Car Online Salesman Not Included

Buy Your Brand New Car Online Salesman Not Included

When it comes to purchasing a new car, some enjoy haggling for the best deal with their local car salesman. Others however, would just like to choose the car they want without the added pressure of sales figures to contend with, this is where CarWoo steps in.

Designed to be the simplest way to secure a great deal, and bypassing the need to step into a dealership without all the added complications of sales pitches, CarWoo will help you find the right make and model of vehicle that you have chosen, view and compare different prices, negotiate your final offer with potentially wining your chosen vehicle. Jennifer Van Grove at Mashable reported that for those of you who are interested, will benefit from cars of all descriptions at over 3,000 dealers across America, and buyers will be pleased to learn that CarWoo will not haggle over price, the price is non negotiable.

To use this service, unfortunately it does come with a price tag but the overall benefits out way the negatives. Buyers will need to pay $39 to have two to three dealers compete for their business and $79 for three to 15 offers. For those customers who may not be satisfied with the entire service and overall conclusion, will get a refund fee. CarWoo is proving to be hit with consumers as well as enlisting funding from exclusive business names such as Gmail’s Paul Buchheit, Loopt’s Sam Altman, The Founders Fund, Blumberg Capital and Interwest Partners.

Do you think this new car buying concept will take off? Is it something you would consider? Let us know. Log onto Mashable for more details.

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