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Buy Something Unique, Buy A Facebook Credit Gift Card

Buy Something Unique, Buy A Facebook Credit Gift Card

If you’re finding it difficult to decide what Christmas presents to get this year, perhaps take a look at the new Facebook Credit Gift Card incorporating different values so everyone has got the chance to purchase one. The card was made available in Target stores approximately a month ago and has now expanded into Walmart and Best Buy stores.

According to Adam at Mashable, Facebook the largest online social networking site is now offering its users the in-game purchases on games such as FarmVille. Currently Walmart will be selling the gift cards in denominations of $5, $10 and $25, while Best Buy will sell them for $10, $25 and $50.

Facebook are keen to share their new concept by saying, “As we approach the holiday gift-giving season, we’re happy to expand the availability of Facebook Credits gift cards to Walmart and Best Buy. More than 200 games and applications accept Facebook Credits, giving people a fun, convenient and secure way to buy premium items, and making Credits gift cards a unique gift for the holidays.”

What do you think about this new idea? Will you be considering it for a Christmas pressie? Let us know. Log onto Mashable for more details.

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  1. So funny - kind of like giving someone a virtual present. Kind a weird, actually.

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