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Who Should Follow On Twitter: Top Tips

October 25, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Who Should Follow On Twitter: Top Tips

For those of you who are currently a Twitter fan or who are thinking of joining the increasing number of users, then it may be time to think about the type of person(s) you would like to follow and most importantly the people who follow you! Sometimes there are times when you feel obligated to follow someone even if you really don’t want to, and according to TwistImage, now is the time to STOP. There are far better reasons to stop following every single person on Twitter that may be following you.

When TwistImage looked further into this, it became apparent that a greater understanding of the type of person you are thinking of following is a must, as well as the type of character they are also tracking, be it, what interests them? If you are currently accepting to follow just about everybody on Twitter, what does that say about you as a person? Do you actually care about who you follow and have you got your Twitter feed set up to accept everybody?

Take the time to separate those people of interest, to those who really do not matter in your world. It’s all very well being seen to be extremely sociable but really all you’re doing is filtering those people out, putting them to one side and not giving the next person who connects up with you a better knowledge of your interests.

Are you signed up to Twitter, and if so, are you choosy about who you follow? Let us know. To read more on this log onto TwistImage.

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