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Starbucks Offers New Card Mobile Payment Scheme

Starbucks Offers New Card Mobile Payment Scheme

Starbucks one of the biggest coffee shops in over 49 countries, has now released a new payment method for customers. It recently tried out a new program in some of its outlets in San Francisco, Seattle and Target stores using a Starbucks Card Mobile payment scheme. The idea behind this new concept is to take away the existing Starbucks card and use the digital type instead. In the long run it will save time for customers and money for the company.

The new Card Mobile payment method is accessible on the Apple iPhone and BlackBerry handsets, and works on the basis that when paying for a coffee, the user will place the 2-D barcode on their mobile device up against the scanner at the counter. Jennifer at Mashable reported that the app will also give customers the ability to keep an eye on how much credit they have on their card and the option to reload it if needed. The new idea has caught on with some Starbuck consumers and now it seems that another 300 stores in NYC and Long Island will be taking on the new concept.

Recently Starbucks commented on the new Card Mobile Payment Scheme by saying, “We’re seeing more and more customers using their smartphones as their mobile wallets. We’ve heard from our customers on My Starbucks Idea that they want a faster, more convenient way to pay.”

What are your thoughts on this news? Are you a fan of Starbucks? Let us know. Log onto Mashable for more details.

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