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PC World and Currys use Star Wars robots to promote their new TV ad

October 25, 2021 | Matt Tran

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PC World and Currys use Star Wars robots to promote their new TV ad

Electrical giants PC World and Currys have employed the services of the famous robotic duo of R2-D2 and C-3PO from the Star Wars movies. George Lucas’ classic Sci-Fi characters are being used to promote the tech chains new TV advert.

We have embedded the video of the advert for you below, courtesy of the good folks over at Electric Pig. You will see the pair of robots humorously wrecking havoc inside a PC World/Currys mega store. You may have seen the advert if you were watching Saturday night’s X Factor, where it was screened during the commercial break for the first time.

Cleverly George Lucas has persuaded the company to squeeze a promotion inside of a promotion as you may have noticed the Star Wars animated clone wars series being screened on a big TV screen inside the store. In case you missed it, season 2 is being released on November 15th. It has also been announced recently that all of the Star Wars movies will be re-released to cinemas in 3D each year from 2012!

A massive cash in by Lucas and Co; however die hard fans of the movie will be thrilled. What do you think of the Star Wars TV ad? Is it a good way of promoting retailers? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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  1. This is a stupid thing for George Lucas to have allowed, associating the Star Wars franchise with two companies as useless as Curry's and PC World…….and if you doubt their awfulness, watch the Ad, you can see the guy controlling the robot vacuum cleaner on the left of the screen, that's how little respect they have for the franchise!!!!

    • Ross says:

      Its a directors cut, not for tv. granted the arm is very dodgy, but considering the expense of the advert they probably wouldn't pay more to have the arm removed, for what is essentially only for the director. Shouldn't have made it into the public arena tho, makes it look pretty poor.

  2. currys1 says:

    Errr i think you'll find that that robot vacuum cleaner is automatic … ? better than the pathetic comet add

  3. I like Currys says:

    Not especially a Star Wars fan but thought the ad had an air of anticipation about it & can't wait for my new look store to be unvailed at Kingsway, Derby! I know people only usually post moans & groans, but I like shopping at Currys and am not afraid to admit it.

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