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MySpace Exposing Personal Data To Third-Parties

October 24, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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MySpace Exposing Personal Data To Third-Parties

For online social networking sites Facebook and MySpace, they can be a way of communicating with friends and family and joining of groups. Last week, reports were coming through that some Facebook apps were enabling a person’s data to be issued to third-party companies and today, MySpace may be dealing with a similar problem.

In a bid to resolve this, Facebook engineers were forced to encrypt user IDs. For some time now, Facebook has come up against stiff criticism surrounding privacy issues whereas MySpace has been happy to be seen as a privacy-friendly site. When Samuel Axon at Mashable reported on this, a Wall Street Journal had commented that users unsuspectingly clicking onto an ad on another user’s MySpace profile page, were opening up the ID number to the company that had initially placed the ad. In turn, information from their friends profile page could be delved into.

It seems that these issues might not be apparent on just two sites but as a general problem. Click-on ads, therefore can potentially source information that users choose to be made public such as their name, address and social connections with different companies.

Give us your thoughts on this news? Are you careful about what you submit online? Check out Mashable to gain a better understanding.

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  1. adamjohnson says:

    myspace, like facebook, doesnt seem to care about user privacy anymore. have already deactivated my accounts on both. waiting for a safer alternative to switch to, such as the Fridge or Mycube - one that offers complete privacy to users. atleast these guys wont sell all my user information for profits and treat my content as their own. really think its time for us to move on

  2. mamakatt72 says:

    you cant trust anyone these days…

  3. polly says:

    You only get nailed if you click on one of the ads. So don't click on the ads

  4. andrew blignaut says:

    Having developed MySpace and Facebook apps I know how easy it is to get user data. it is also easy to sell it and this i believe is very wrong on the part of Facebook and MySpace. However there do exist safer environments though and using one of these (eg: MyCube or Diaspora) would be a good solution

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