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Clock-In With 7 Useful iPhone Apps

Clock-In With 7 Useful iPhone Apps

Back in the day, employers used the clocking in system to monitor their employees time and pay. Now as technology advances, the use of the old clock machine is becoming more redundant and mobile software designers are addressing this with a range of iPhone app’s for managing employees time along with other things.

Mashable has reported of 7 different app’s for employers to control, Pay Records, Time Clock, Employee Time Tracking, Time Sheets, Billable Hours, Harvest Time and Expense Tracker along with Toggl. Below is a brief description of two available apps.

Pay Record is an app for companies where their employees travel. Using a stopwatch-like interface, employees will clock on from their own mobile allowing management to gauge paid time and any overtime gained. The app also includes a Quickbooks attachment for when reports are inputted by e-mail. There is the function to add recorded travel time and lunch break settings, unfortunately there is no editing option for human error.

Employee Time Clock works from a single device with the $0.99 app installed. Each employee has their own PIN to access their signing in details, and to stop anyone signing in under the wrong name. If your late or leaving too early then a message will appear. This app allows the employer to calculate payroll and keep a track on punctuality.

With the introduction of these “Clocking-in” apps, will we see the long term benefits or are they open to abuse? Check out Mashable for the full list and let us know if you would welcome the app based timekeeping systems.

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