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Windows Phone 7 Success: More Microsoft Stores Needed

Windows Phone 7 Success: More Microsoft Stores Needed

With the launch of the new Windows Phone 7 OS you would have thought that Microsoft would have a huge base in which they could retail, especially seeing as they are such a large company, however according to sfgate there are only a total of four stores. There are a further three stores expected to open in time for the Kinect launch on the 3rd November. How does Microsoft expect this to be a big hit and to compete with the big boys like Apple if they are going to struggle to get their product out there?!

We spoke a bit about Microsoft and the comparisons with Apple’s sales in a previous article as Apple have set the highest standards, it’s only natural that all companies will have to draw the comparisons from them as they are the biggest competitor. Can Microsoft compete?

So let’s have a look at the amount of stores that Apple had between 2001 -2002. Apple opened its first store in 2001 and approximately one year later they had 29 retail stores open and a further 18 planned. Can Microsoft realistically compete with that with four stores present and a further three planned? Only time will tell. Common sense tells me that this is a recipe for disaster, one might say an epic fail.

Head across to sfgate to read an article by Matt Rosoff with his scenario and comparison between Microsoft and Apple.

This leaves me to ask a question of all of you. Do you think that Microsoft Windows Phone 7 can realistically compete with the might of Apple, Android and RIM? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. streaky88 says:

    It seems Best Buy is already taking pre-orders… I have to imagine more people walk into the 4 Best Buys and 10 ATT stores than the 1 apple store in my city.

    Sure the apple store is packed, but if you spread their packed audience daily to 20 stores across the city ( that would be selling WP7's)… then apple stores wouldnt look so busy. For example, there are people checking out apple stuff at Bust Buy, but it's never crowded like at the apple store.
    Another thought, imagine grouping all ATT customers into one small store… would sure look like a hopping place huh? Besides, those Kenetic Displays at Best buy will likely be #1 thing you see when you walk in this holiday season. #2 will be WP7 just to the right of that in the Cell Phone seciton !!

    No Microsoft smartly released WP7. Instead of worrying about Verizon/Sprint CMDA devices they went for the much larger worldwide GSM network first. Also they will be selling these phones in more stores than the Apple stores have nation wide. So who cares if Microsoft does or doesnt open a physical store…. i think they can sell just enough phones without a big expensive ( concentrated traffic) MICROSOFT store.

    ANDROID BLEW PAST iPhone in one year, all without dedicated stores, so I dont see the need for a Microsoft Store.

  2. Pillar says:

    The author asks people to go to "SFGATE" links he quotes a - re just apple shill. Like Streaky888 said this is one of the stupidest articles by the journalist who are biased and obviosuly ANTI-MS. Look he never talks about Android or RIM. There is a fear lurking in Apple lobbyists that their real match and rival has arrived and will in course of time steadily keep chipping away by delivering true innovation to consumers and business alike with one platform. Well thats right your days are numbered.

    Without hype and fud and swimming against the tide MS will surely work its way to the heart of consumers and businesses worldwide as they have all done - just like they ushered in the PC revolution. It was this same revolution that brought a PC to very desktop and the same PC you used to type your crappy article.

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