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New MacBook Air or iPad 3G: You Choose

October 23, 2021 | Tim Ollason
New MacBook Air or iPad 3G: You Choose

So we have had a few days since the “Back to the Mac” event, and we have all had time to reflect on the new MacBook air devices. We previously reported some feedback in a previous post however I would say things seem to be going from bad to worse for Apple.

I have been reading an article by the self proclaimed “Mac Geek” Michelle McGraw who owns several Apple devices and is struggling to see why Apple have are even contemplating releasing the new MacBooks, especially as all of their functionality is already present in other devices!

So is Apple just releasing these new MacBooks for the sake of having something new?

I am in agreement in some ways with Michelle McGraw in that if they wanted to seriously improve a portable device like the MacBook Air then Apple should have added 3G. This significant improvement would have made a massive difference. Have Apple missed the chance of another successful gadget? Head over to technorati to read Michelle’s full article.

What do you think is a better device, the MacBook Air or the iPad? Do you think there is anything else that Apple could have done with this to make it better? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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    well the ipad, being a media consumption device (& only apple's paid media), would be inferior. on the macbook air, you can get videos, music and other media from any source you'd like, but its not as fun to play with as the ipad. tough question!

  2. yomans says:

    Ooh… tough question.
    I would go for the NEW MacBook Pro 11''.
    It has a real keyboard and looks nice.

  3. yomans says:

    Ooh… tough question.

  4. Poor sob says:

    Just tether 3G from your iPhone via bluetooth. Problem solved.

  5. notabigfan says:

    ipad with mac os

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