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Startup Success: Identifying Opportunities and Maintaining Focus

Startup Success: Identifying Opportunities and Maintaining Focus

With Hoot Suite’s popularity growing to 800,000 people since its official launch in 2006, Dario Meli, one of the three founders has spoken to Sarah Kessler at Mashable about success, identifying opportunities to drive the business forward, staying focused as well as what he has learned as a founder.

On talking to Dario Meli, he started off by discussing Hootsuite’s spin off company Invoke. To discover new opportunities for new products, the groundwork initially carried out with the clients is key. He said, “All of our products stem from client needs… We created HootSuite because we needed those tools ourselves, as an agency.. We’ve been successful by listening to our clients, figuring out what they needed and then just identifying that opportunity.” When choosing who to go into partnership with, it is extremely important that on meeting your prospective co-owners you make what appears to be the right decision. Pure gut feeling about someone is particularly important along with different qualities that each can bring to the company.

Further along, Meli commented that, “I think it’s important to realize as an entrepreneur that you can’t do everything – that you need to hire the best people and not be afraid to give them responsibility, not be afraid to let go, and not be afraid to hire people who are smarter than you.” He believes that this can only be a good thing to benefit the business as a whole. He touched on having ideas and suggestions that could potentially boost the company’s reputation. Do not be distracted by something that someone else is doing that may be reported as much better. Lastly, where your Head Office is located can make an astronomical difference.

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