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Old Spice Guy Windows Phone 7 Walkthrough: Hilarious Video

October 22, 2021 | Matt Tran

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If you have seen the old spice TV commercial then you will most probably remember the guy in it. For those who dont have a clue what I am talking about you can see the video on Youtube. Isaiah Mustafa the actor in the commercial has been at it again with his vanity and smooth talking confidence, only this time on a live radio show.

The former NFL player became an internet phenomenon after the old spice advert and he used the characters charm to promote the Windows Phone 7. With plenty of cheeky sexual innuendo such as “do you want to sit on my Facebook?”, Mustafa had one of the female radio hosts blushing and giggling like a little school girl. We have provided the video for you to watch below. To see Mustafa promoting from Microsoft in Australia, see the video on Toms Guide.

As you will see Mustafa cleverly shows off all of the WP7′s features and gives a walkthrough to the crew of all of its applications such as Twitter, Facebook and Xbox Live. The phone was described as “sexy”, ironically and due to just the fact Mustafa is promoting it, groups of heart throbbed women will probably go out and buy it.

It is becoming more apparent that the key to selling can be comedy and also if you slap the familiar face of a popular figure on your product you are on to a winner. Tell us what you thought of the videos and if it will change your mind about buying the Windows Phone 7.

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