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Bing Crosby Beatboxing Viral Video: Distasteful Or Not?

Bing Crosby Beatboxing Viral Video: Distasteful Or Not?

Every now and then a TV ad hits the screens that in some way captures our minds. Setting them aside from the normal run-of-the-mill advertising campaigns these ads stick in our heads, and for different reasons. This is what the advertising companies aim for with their marketing strategies.

Take for example the recent series of Old Spice clips, the ever changing scenes and inventive dialogue entertain every time. From this the spin off Sesame Street video as seen on YouTube with Grover re-enacting the hunk from the body wash special.

But when does it over step the mark?

News Gather reported that Argos the UK retail giant has recently used old re-mastered footage of the iconic “White Christmas” tune as sung by legend actor/singer Bing Crosby. Their clip shows Bing appearing on set with the famous music following him in. Children sitting in the crowd look starry eyed as Mr Crosby picks up the mic to start singing. Then as a complete change from what you are expecting he breaks out into a beat-box rendition of the much remembered Christmas classic.

A small child is heard proclaiming “Looks like he’s Argosed it”, this campaign catchphrase was created by CHI & Partners for Argos. Although the ad has definitely done what it set out to do, has this violation of viral video gone one step too far? Or is it sat firmly on the mark? Give us your thoughts. To check out more on this log onto News Gather.

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  1. R D says:

    This is one of the funniest adverts I have ever seen. How can anyone honestly find this offensive? Can’t say it’ll make me rush out to Argos, but still it’s hilarious!

  2. charlie says:

    it is an insult to bing crosby and music in general, that type of crap shouldnt be played at all it is bad attitude music, oh i cant say that though in case i am being racist lol

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