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New Macbook Air 2010: Review Roundup

October 21, 2021 | Peter Chubb

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New Macbook Air 2010: Review Roundup

We have now had overnight to reflect on what was announced during the “Back to the Mac” event, and the new 2010 MacBook Air devices were the most anticipated of the night. We all knew they were coming, but we had no idea if they would be well received. Looking at a few of the reviews, things do not look good for the two Apple devices.

Richi Jennings from Computerworld has been looking over a few reviews from the biggest tech websites, and it seems that they were not impressed with the smaller 11.6-inch version. For some time now Steve Jobs has told us that Apple would never make a netbook – so what is this then?

Lawrence Latif from The Inquirer is not a fan of the small 64GB of flash storage, and believes that Apple has just squeezed three-year-old technology into something a little smaller.

Jason D. O’Grady from ZDNet seems surprised that Apple has used the old Core 2 Duo processor, which as we know is now underpowered and runs hot. He believes that Apple will offer a Core i3 version at some stage, but wants to see how well these versions sell first.

I currently have a MacBook Air and was hoping that the refresh of the 13.3-inch model would offer a greater performance bump, but have been left a bit disappointed. At least I can save the money I would have spent on a better Christmas gift for my wife.

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  1. Mike says:

    Netbooks use atom processors, not Core 2 Duos. They also generally have smaller keyboard and trackpads, and most (but not all) run lower resolution displays.

    So no, the MacBook Air is not a netbook, any more than any other Core 2 Duo ultralight is. Think HP Probook 5310m or a low-end Lenovo X200 - neither of which are classified as netbooks.

  2. Joe says:

    Tthe consensus that I've seen after two weeks is that Apple has taken the feel of an iPad and put it into an entry level Mac OSX device.

    Performance charts show the 11.6 handily beating every netbook out there not to mention the old MBA. The CoreDuo chips are there because Intel won't let Apple use nVidia GPUs with the i3 and it is a wise choice on Apple's part IMO.

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