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LinkedIn Myths: What Are They?

October 21, 2021 | Peter Chubb

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LinkedIn Myths: What Are They?

Whenever you ask businesses what social networking service they are using the answer you get back most would be Facebook, so how come so many of them decide to ignore LinkedIn? One reason could be a few myths that surround the service – something that Neal Schaffer from Social Media Today plans to help us further understand why we should not believe them.

We are all human and often decide to do or not do something based on what others tell us, so if you are told that LinkedIn is not beneficial to you or your business, then the social networking service suffers.

Schaffer has gone over five of the most common fallacies and explains why they are wrong – but is it enough to change your perspective? The first is how we presume that LinkedIn is used to find a job; Neal explains that although this is one area that LinkedIn deals with, it is not a major area of the service.

Others worry that when signed up to LinkedIn you will be bombarded with loads of emails. This is no different to other social media services, but you can take full control over what emails you wish to receive.

Visit Social Media Today for all five myths, and get an in-depth look at why you should not pay any attention to them. Were you one of those who did not give LinkedIn a chance based on hearsay?

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