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Facebook files more lawsuits against cyber scammers

October 21, 2021 | Matt Tran

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Facebook files more lawsuits against cyber scammers

Facebook has once again cranked up their moral stand against cyber criminals by filing 3 lawsuits against scammers they have identified. The criminals include 2 men and an illegal Canadian company.

The Social Networking site has vowed to destroy any rogue company or individual who uses their property to deceive and steal from others. In the past few months, Facebook itself has been victim to click scams and at one point the whole site went down for a few hours. It is not definite if the culprits that have been caught are the ones that caused this mischief on their site. More details on this story can be found on Softpedia.

The two men who have been served with the lawsuit are Steven Richter and Jason Swan, who have both been accused of running fake profiles, pages and rogue applications. Richter has allegedly created 40 fake profiles and 43 fake pages, whilst Swan is being accused of 27 fake profiles, 13 fake pages, as well as 7 rogue applications.

Elsewhere Cost Per Action (CPA) marketing company MaxBounty, is being accused by Facebook of using their logo illegally and deceptively to gain from internet users. The offer of free goods such as iPads and gift vouchers were being promised in false advertising campaigns. These are amongst the most common scams with others such as a fake Facebook status with a malicious link that when clicked makes you “like” the scammers pages and spam the link to other people, so be aware.

Personally my favorite is “Congratulations you are our 1 millionth user! Seriously, click here to claim your prize!” Do people actually fall for it? Leave us your comments on any scams you may have been affected by and what you think of Facebook’s big crackdown on cyber crime.

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