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Twitter And Your Blog: How To Increase Its traffic

October 20, 2021 | Peter Chubb

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Twitter And Your Blog: How To Increase Its traffic

When we all started to get into the whole blogging frenzy it was very hard to get your name out there, there are many reasons for this, but promotion was the key factor. However, since the boom of social networking sites like Twitter, driving traffic to your blog has become much simpler.

OK, it is not as easy as you think, but the tools are there ready for you to use – you just need to understand how to take advantage of them. Thankfully an article on SocialMouths has ten tips to get people to start visiting your blog.

He first advises that Twitter should not be used on your blog just to increase your traffic; I have to agree with that. I see it as a companion, and a great addition to other elements that you already have running on your blog.

There is no magic formula to give you an instant traffic boost over night, that comes with hard work over a long period of time – there are no longer any quick fixes like there was a few years ago. Instead of me going over all the points that SocialMouths covers, wouldn’t it just be easier if you visit their website?

If you have any tips to help increase traffic to your blog, then please share this with our readers, thanks.

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