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Microsoft Office 365: Cloud Answer To Google Docs

Microsoft Office 365: Cloud Answer To Google Docs

Microsoft renowned for developing computers and its software, has now released news of a web-based version of Office 365, a subscription service incorporating “Cloud Computing”. In an ever competitive market, this latest concept will be competing against the likes of Google Apps who currently offer cloud-based tools for business users. Tools include Google Docs and Gmail free to its subscribers for just $50 per user per year.

With the release of Microsoft Office 2010 back at the start of the year, it was hoped that products could be accessed both online and as software that we have all become accustomed to. Kurt del Bene, the President from Office unit has said that,” The shift to the cloud is as big a change for computing as the move to a graphical user interface a generation ago.” As we all know, Microsoft one of the largest technological companies in the world, is renowned for Office and Windows. Ina at Cnet reported that by offering a subscription will make the total sales figures larger increasing revenue.

Aimed particularly at businesses, Microsoft have designed their pricing structure as low as $6 per month which incorporates just the Web-based versions of Office. In a beta service that has become available, users will get a taster of what to expect for the forthcoming full version next year. For the larger businesses organization, hosted e-mail will set you back just $2, and at $27 per month, you will get the full package of Office Pro Plus desktop, Sharepoint, Exchange, communication server tools and the online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and much much more. Chris Capossela, Senior Vice President has said, “We think one size does not fit all.”

What do you think about Microsoft’s latest offering? Let us know. To check out more on this log onto Cnet

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