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Mark Zuckerberg: Reveals truth and lies of The Social Network with video

Mark Zuckerberg: Reveals truth and lies of The Social Network with video

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has recently been talking at Stanford University to would be entrepreneurs, and whilst he was there the irresistible questions about the Social Network “accidentally” arose. Zuckerberg was a good sport about it and kindly gave some of his views on the hotly talked about film.

You can watch the video embedded below courtesy of Youtube and the The Age. If you have seen the video, Mark acknowledges that the film got random parts of the story right, even down to the exact shirts and fleeces he owns. However mainly the film gets parts wrong and portrays him in completely the wrong way. Eisenberg’s character is obsessed with gaining access to exclusive social institutions and attracting the attention of women, and so that is the main reason behind him creating Facebook.

In fact Zuckerberg has said he made Facebook because he “liked building things” and that the “people who make the movies just can’t wrap their head around this idea”. Other details that Mark commented on were that the character of Erica is totally fictional as he has been dating the same girl since before Facebook; he said the scene at the beginning of the movie where he gets dumped is not real but has happened before, which was greeted with a great laughter from the audience. You can see a Youtube video of Mark’s girlfriend Priscilla and his home by following the link.

A key feature of the film they DID get right was that Mark is not motivated by money and is completely dedicated to his job. Although he is worth an estimated 6 billion, he does not live a playboy life like most in that situation and at that age would. Zuckerberg is just a normal guy who rents a place with his girlfriend, goes to work everyday and does not let money control his life. I think he deserves a lot of respect for that and should not be judged on his character in the Social Network.

One thing that made me laugh and may have been done deliberately by the film’s writers is that Mark’s girlfriend in real life is Asian and in the film his partner Eduardo makes a pretty funny reference to Asian girls which you may have seen. You can read our review of the Social Network right here. Leave us all of your comments.

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