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Google’s Social Networking Effort: Should Facebook Worry?

October 20, 2021 | Matt Tran

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Many of us have been aware for months now that Google are desperate to climb up on to the social networking ladder. This desire may have been fueled even more by the fact that Facebook has now overtaken the search engine as the website in which users spent the most time on. Google are hell bent on dealing the social site a killer blow, and so the question is “should Facebook worry”?

Google have tried and failed with social networking in the past with Orkut; however it never really made a big impression in the US and Europe and only became popular in countries like India and Brazil. NY Times has also reported that back in February the search engine tried to crack the social code with Google Buzz, which allows Gmail users the ability to share status updates, photos and videos; but like Orkut it never really took off, not to mention Google Profiles which allows you to create a bio which you can link to Twitter and LinkedIn.

We are all aware that Google employees are working down in the secret lab, attempting to perfect their new social networking weapon Google Me, which may be the one that actually gives Mark Zuckerberg’s empire a run for its money. CEO Eric Schmidt has already made a mild threat, suggesting Facebook just hand over their user database and if not it can be obtained by other means. It seems Google want to be apart of every single thing related to the internet and they are taking their new project very seriously with the purchase of smaller socially experienced sites such as Plannr.

If the internet were a film then Google would be the evil super villain who wants control of everything and will not listen to anyone until they own the world, or in this case the internet. But then again who never wanted to be the super villain who had everything? We see two allies in Facebook and Microsoft as they have an active business interest in each other. Microsoft purchased a share of Facebook and whenever you search for a certain term in Bing, it will tell you whether your friends “like” it or not. Both massive companies will strengthen each other massively and Google will not like this at all.

I think if you take a step back and look at the bigger picture of this massive media war, then you will see that Google will only fail with projects so many times before they finally crack it. I think Google Me will provide a stern test for Facebook as it is said to be a totally different concept to what we already have. No doubt some Facebook users will make a Google Me account, some will stay loyal by staying away and others will flee and run over into Google’s open arms. What ever happens, Facebook should tread with caution as I think Google mean business this time!

Leave us your thoughts on this story in the comments. What do you think will happen with this situation?

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  1. Jessica says:

    I think I'll finally go with google. ^_^ Haha haha ha! Facebook and MySpace have been pissing me off lately.. <.<

  2. When will Google Me be available?

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