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Fallout New Vegas Problems Discussed on Twitter

October 20, 2021 | Peter Chubb

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Fallout New Vegas Problems Discussed on Twitter

A few days ago there were no reviews for Fallout New Vegas; since the release of the game there is now an abundance of them. Overall the game has had some mixed reactions, but none more so than on Twitter, where users have been tweeting the problems that they have been experiencing.

One such issue is with PS3 users and how they are unable to download the DLC. For those who managed to download New Vegas to their PlayStation 3, there have been been issues with freezing and crashing.

This is certainly strange, as the reactions on Twitter report that this is the same freezing issue that occurred with Fallout 3 – so how come Bethsoft have not be able to resolve the problem?

One review on The Guardian said that during the process of trying the game out he had to switch his Xbox 360 off several times – something that is every gamers’ worst nightmare. Do you have Fallout New Vegas, what issues have you had?

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  1. fallout player says:

    this game has so many bugs its not funny. until the frame rate is patched, the game lags so much u want to pound ur heard againist the wall. i mean i know every game has a bug or two but this is rediculous and the sad part is they have had so long to work on it.

  2. Van says:

    I have the PC version and so far haven't run into any of the problems people are mentioning. No people floating. The Doc's head not spinning. I have Fallout 3 on PC also and never had any problems. Maybe it is the fact that Bethsoft is really a computer programmer and having a hard time porting to the consoles. They seem to do their cleanest work on the PC versions of their games after all.

  3. Jett says:

    The game froze on my just last night and this was on my XBOX 360. I actually decided to go with purchasing the XB0X 360 version for New Vegas because of all the freezing issues I previous had on my PS3 with Fallout 3. But I guess it isn't a consol issue. Honestly New Vegas just seems like a rehash of the previous Fallout 3, pretty much all the same items, not much difference far as graphics or dialogue go. Bethesda could have easily released this as another expansion instead.

  4. @SAJP says:

    @ Jeff — Yeah I bet it was actually meant to be a DLC for Fallout 3 and they decided to repackage it.

    But I experienced this same sort of head-spinning character in F3 right before a new patch was released (don't remember which patch), then it stopped. I think it's something to do with their engine's interaction with certain video cards or open gl specs. Bethesda apparently do not put much money into beta-testing. But maybe — like a lot of companies these days — they let the users do most of the beta-testing while calling it a finished release. We get to help them for free lol!

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