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Back to the Mac: What Will Apple Announce / Release Today?

October 20, 2021 | Peter Chubb

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Back to the Mac: What Will Apple Announce / Release Today?

The Back to the Mac event is to be held later today and the clue as to what Apple’s Steve Jobs will announce or release today is in the name of the event. There were hopes of a Verizon or White iPhone announcement – but last time I looked they were running iOS 4 not Mac.

However, there is still plenty that Jobs can unveil, such as a new MacBook Air, Mac OS X 10 7 Lion, but more interestingly could be the addition of FaceTime on Mac computers.

The smart money would be on an update to the current MacBook Air, this is in need of some attention, as the device is underpowered and noisy. There had been rumors of a smaller version, but Steve has said that this will never happen.

We know for certain that Mac OS X 10.7 Lion will be unveiled; we know this because we can clearly see a lion hiding behind that Apple logo for the event. The only other product that Apple might announce is iLife ’11, this is because the current version was released way back in January 2009. So that is what I predict, but do you think that I am right?

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