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Steve Jobs Speaks His Mind Regarding Competitors And Apple

October 19, 2021 | Jonathan Cordes

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Steve Jobs Speaks His Mind Regarding Competitors And Apple

Steve Jobs is the head of Apple and is not afraid of speaking his mind. Recently we have seen him dismissing the 7-inch iPad model and giving out iPod’s to the poor folks who had been stuck down the mine in Chile, and he is in the news again for speaking openly about Apple and his competitors.

Christina Warren has written up a summary over on Mashable of the Apple earnings call to investors, which is being made available over on Apple’s website. Steve said that he thought it would be hard for competitors such as Google and RIM to “create a competitive marketplace”.

However he did say that he sees Android as a big competitor, and that he wishes manufactures would release the number of units shipped so that we could have a proper comparison between the phones.

Other major points brought up were that he thought that consumers don’t want an open app marketplace, since that leads to a fragmented marketplace instead of the integrated marketplace that they have on their iOS devices. For more details on the conference call, check out the full article over on

What do you think about Apple, and how does this conference call affect how you see them? Let us know in the comments.

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