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Social Networking: Things to Remember Before Posting

October 19, 2021 | Peter Chubb

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Social Networking: Things to Remember Before Posting

Most of you who have an account with a social media networking service will have heard the horror stories about how they got in trouble with their bosses. There have been a number of cases where people have lost their jobs by what they posted on the likes of Facebook – my nephew being a fine example of this.

This is not just the case with employees, but also for the employer, as one wrong comment can have a damaging affect on your brand. The most important factor is to keep an eye on those representing your brand; one small indiscretion will be around Facebook faster than anything you could ever imagine.

Thankfully help is at hand, as Mark Pasetsky has an article on The Huffington Post offering details on three things that you should remember before you think about posting something on any social networking service.

The first it to remember that your boss is always watching you; the second is never criticize the company you work for. Finally, the third piece of advice is to never upload any photos of yourself on Facebook and other such services that is embarrassing to you or the company you work for.

Just remember that Social media is meant to be fun, just make certain that it does not impact the place where you work.

Have you lost your job or got into trouble with your boss by what you posted on Facebook?

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