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Social Media Breaks Records With Chilean Miners’ Rescue

Social Media Breaks Records With Chilean Miners’ Rescue

On October 13, for the majority of us we were transfixed by the rescue attempt to free 33 chilean miners trapped some 700 metres below ground. Hour by hour, we experienced the families jubilation when the miners were brought up to the surface one by one. Recent news has indicated that all of the 33 men are well and are relishing in their new fame. For the world of social media, television and online viewing, records were broken beyond limits.

According to Lauren at Mashable, viewers tuned in to the rescue from when the escape shaft was first sent down on the Tuesday to when the last victim was pulled to safety on Wednesday 13. Worldwide social media traffic hit a two-year high at a jaw-dropping 4,052,459 page viewers per minute at around 5 pm ET on the Tuesday, while TV viewers in America seemed to tune in around 8-9 pm on the Wednesday evening. We reported on the 13 October of an abundance of celebrities tweeting their best well wishes, and indications show that approximately 104,000 messages were sent per hour via Twitter. YouTube enjoyed overwhelming numbers including over 16,100 downloaded footage, with keywords such as “chile” and “miners.” Bing saw an vast increase from 60 million to 173 million people.

Popular broadcast networks doubled their viewing numbers, for instance it has been reported that on Wednesday evening , Fox News saw at least 7.1 million viewers while CNN pulled in some 2.7 million. We have known for some time that social media can benefit all of us, social networking sites are increasing in numbers by the day and judging by increased figures last week on some of the most popular TV shows, social media is here to stay.

Did you follow the chilean miners’ rescue? Did you tune into the TV or online? Let us know. To find out more on this including viewing figures log onto Mashable.

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  1. I wonder what the mathematical equation would be to calculate how much the feel-good of this story has been amplified by social media!

    I'm a composer and I've written a piece called Help Arrives and set it to images from the rescue in this multimedia presentation:

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