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Atomic Tom Viral Video: iPhones Replace Instruments

October 19, 2021 | Peter Chubb

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Atomic Tom Viral Video: iPhones Replace Instruments

A small band that goes by the name “Atomic Tom” has used the power of social media to help get their name out there. The band decided to make a viral video of them on a NYC subway, where they replaced their usual instruments with iPhones.

While watching the video below you can see how the band members all had their part to play, you had the lead singer, a guy on drums and another on the keyboard. There was a fourth, but I am not certain what his iPhone was doing.

In the video it says that their instruments were stolen, but this is not likely. Knowing the power of social media, this had to be a publicity stunt. According to a few readers on Techdirt, the record label had nothing to do with the stunt; it was all down to Atomic Tom.

You can be certain of one thing though, this viral video is great advertisement for Apple and its iPhone. Being able to do a song on a subway and replacing instruments with an iPhone is something that will be tried by members of the public now – expect more music app downloads and NYC subway police to be arresting a few people for disturbing the peace.

Viral videos have now become a big part of brand awareness, you only have to look at the Old Spice Guy and Evian videos to understand what i mean.

Have you or your band ever done anything similar?

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  1. anon says:

    Lead singer was the guy with the keyboard. The other two guys were playing guitars/bass…

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