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Apple’s Facebook Acquisition Rumor: “Strategic Opportunity”

October 19, 2021 | Peter Chubb

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Apple’s Facebook Acquisition Rumor: “Strategic Opportunity”

Following on from our article yesterday that Apple would announce healthy profits thanks to high sales of both the iPad and iPhone 4, it came as no surprise that Steve Jobs had a lot to say on the matter. The CEO not only made comments about Google Android, but also hinted that the company is ready to make an acquisition.

This has certainly got a few of us thinking, Peter Kafka from All Things Digital has an interesting suggestion; saying that Apple could decide to purchase Facebook. This could certainly eat into their $51 billion of cash, but could be their best investment yet.

Kafka said that this is the first time that Jobs has been open about Apple’s plans to invest its money, and we all know that they do not put money into something that will not get a good return of investment.

It is no secret that Facebook is increasing in size everyday, and knowing that Google is trying to compete with you in the social networking market is a strong position to be in. Apple has struggled over the years to compete with Google and its web services, so an acquisition of Facebook would be a small victory for Apple.

Do you think that Apple will acquire Facebook?

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  1. Jason says:

    What if they bought Yahoo to compete or even some strategic aquisition in the TV and Movie industry better allow/force subscription svcs on itunes? These seem logical as well. I think a FB acquisition would be awesome though!

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