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Y Connect: Yahoo Copies Facebook Features

October 18, 2021 | Peter Chubb

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Y Connect: Yahoo Copies Facebook Features

Facebook has to be flattered when the likes of Google and Yahoo copy their features, which is just what the latter is about to do with their new “Y Connect” service. This service will make Yahoo content available on third-party websites, offering data as to what you have been doing.

Connect will get details via your contacts with Yahoo Pulse, something that had been launched to compete with Google Buzz – another service aimed at taking the fight to Facebook. No matter what the search engine services think up, they just cannot compete with the likes of Facebook.

Samuel Axon from Mashable reports that a recent WSJ article informed us of the new Y Connect service from Yahoo, but did not have much information to go on. All what we know is what was mentioned above, and the fact that the service will be launched some time this fall.

Yahoo is in a tough position, they are trying to compete with the likes of Google in the search engine front, as well as take on Facebook and their dominance of the social networking market.

Do you think that Yahoo or Google has what it takes to compete with Facebook?

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  1. tony says:

    weeja this's great

  2. Y Connect sounds great for the user, but I'm sure some of the brass at Facebook isn't thrilled about this. :-)

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