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Puma Phone Review: Sagem’s Solar Panel A Gimmick

October 18, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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In this day an age, consumers are not afraid to queue up for hours on end just to get the latest gadget or mobile phone. We have seen big brand names on gadgets being sold at extortionate prices. But today, news has come through of sports giant “Puma” releasing a new handset aptly named, “Puma Phone” for an affordable £300 ($469).

On first purchasing the Sagem built Puma Phone, you will be amazed at the cool box it arrives in. Richard at Engadget has reported that the eco-friendly box gives you the benefit of seeing the contents before you have to open it. Unfortunately, the USB cable and earphones were not displayed in a neat fashion, they were found to be wrapped up instead of laid out. The wiping cloth is poorly finished and on closer inspection of the handsfree kit, although there is the facility to plug earphones into the mic unit, there is no clip for the headphones. Moving on to the physical buttons. A send, end and home button are featured on the front with volume and camera button positioned. The handset incorporates a 3.2mp camera, and a nifty solar panel which with one hour’s sunshine can power MP3 play for one hour and 30 minutes or send at least 30 text messages.

Plenty of apps are given as well as accessibility to Twitter, YouTube and Flickr, GPS and a virtual cougar named “Dylan” who will greet you when opening the phone and perusing through three menus. Although this latest mobile gives a handful of different options including the unique solar panel, on the whole Engadget felt that this in particular would be better replaced with a more powerful CPU plus extra memory. A phone in 2010 without a QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi and browser with its lack of no pinch-to-zoom or kinetic scrolling may struggle against its counterparts.

What do you think? Give us your thoughts. To find out more on Engadget’s findings click the link above.

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