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New Macbook Air and iPad Sales

October 18, 2021 | Peter Chubb

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New Macbook Air and iPad Sales

One device that we hope to see unveiled at the ‘Back to the Mac’ 2010 event on Wednesday is a new MacBook Air, this is because the current version is now over a year old. The small laptop device is lacking in key areas, but is Apple prepared to commit to the device due to interest in the iPad?

Apple has some tough decisions to make, do they stick with the current size, or should they go with a smaller display as rumored? When the MacBook Air first came out it was unique, since then Dell has a similar device, which packs more of a punch.

The current version has a number of issues with it, the first is how noisy it can be when watching videos, and having no card reader does become a pain. Apple could easily solve these problems – but do they want to?

I have been asked time and again if Apple will ever release a smaller version, and recent rumors suggest that this is a possibility. However, Apple knows that they need to be careful, as an 11.6-inch version of the Air could begin to eat into iPad sales – something that they will not want to do.

Apple sales need to stay high, something that will become a lot tougher due to the upcoming release of a number of Android based tablet devices.

So we have to ask ourselves if there is a market for two, or should Apple stick with the current size of the MacBook Air?

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