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New iPad 2 Release: Sales Saturation From Alternatives

New iPad 2 Release: Sales Saturation From Alternatives

Apple has enjoyed having the only tablet device on the market for most of 2010 so far, but they now know that the iPad will face touch competition soon. We have all been surprised at how long Apple has had the market to itself, as this was meant to be the year of the tablet.

However, things are about to change with a wave of new tablet devices ready for launch. Most devices will be Android based; one of the most anticipated models will be the Galaxy Tab from Samsung. There are a number of others, but it is the Tab that we know the most about, and looks to offer the toughest competition for the iPad.

Sales for the iPad has been greater than any analyst had first thought, but you can be certain that sales of the new model will not be able to match the success of the original model. When I say for certain, I cannot be sure of that, but just understand that Apple has no iPad rival, when the second model becomes available – there will be plenty.

There have been a number of rumors suggesting that Apple will launch the iPad 2 by Christmas. I believe that Apple will stick with thier current one-year cycle as they do with the iPhone. If this is the case, then the new iPad will release just after RIM launch their BlackBerry PlayBook device – yet another reason why there will not be a repeat of high sales.

Do you think that the iPad will be able to compete once there is saturation in the tablet market?

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  1. Vincent L says:

    Apple have led the way in most new devices this century - iMac (an all in one desktop), iPods, iPhone, iPad. My own feeling is that iPad 2 will have all the whistles and bells being proposed by the Tab and the RIM PlayBook and others. However, taking things that one step further - the "one more thing" - is part of the genius of Apple and so look for something special and new with the next iPad: 3D iPad? Complete integration with all computing devices - a full spectrum dominance? Who knows but surprises are what Apple has done best lately. Perhaps however I am being too wishful in my thinking and iPad 2 will be a consolidation with the real big changes appearing with iPad 3.

  2. Eposon22 says:

    Never underestimate Apple - they have the world right where they want it - on its knees begging for more - what a company!!! If only they would untangle the users from the closed environment that is all things Apple, itunes, accessories etc. When they do this then I might just buy one of their amazing looking products - fortunately for me its not just about looks.

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